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How is Neppalli Different?

We don't take your money unless you succeed. So, we don't succeed unless you do.

Neppalli is not a traditional consulting firm. All interested startups must first apply to us or be referred to us.
After we process your application, we'll work with you provisionally for one month: for free. No money is exchanged, no equity is expected.

If we are both excited about working together after this trial period, we become your advisors.

Download the application here.
We offer a wide range of consulting and advisory services. Contact us today to discuss which is right for your business.

Brand Management

People don’t fall in love with technical features of your product, they fall in love with your brand. Branding is much more than a flashy website and snazzy logo. Be intentional, use it wisely to excite your customers, uplift your team members, and inspire your partners.

Marketing & Communication

When the right customers quickly and easily understand the value your startup offers them, rapid growth is inevitable. Use every resource you have online and offline effectively to tell your product’s story. Marketing doesn’t just happen on ads, everyone involved with your startup: your team members, investors, and partners are all valuable marketing resources.

Strategic Partnerships

Critical sales, vendor, marketing partnerships bring you precious resources. Developing the right relationships can profoundly strengthen your startup: from increasing customer acquisition to increasing margins. Identify strategic partners and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.

Customer Development

The more deeply you understand the right customers, the better you can serve them. It takes much experimentation and learning to discover and develop a relationship with your target audience. Empower your product, marketing, and customer service teams with rich insights about your customers.

Business Analytics & Dashboards

Stay close to the vitals of your operations so you can maintain a healthy business. Metrics, dashboards and analytics help you collect, understand and share new learnings and insights on every part of your business. Make decisions confidently, experiment boldly.

Executive Coaching

Advisors and mentors are the single most valuable resource to any entrepreneur because they help move the biggest decision makers through difficult situations. Learn from the experienced to be a strong business leader, rely on a support system to help you navigate any obstacles.

Pitch Coaching

Tell your story well and doors will open. Speak to your potential investors, customers, employees, and parters in their language and inspire them to help execute your vision. The language you use, the data you cite, the emotions you trigger, the stories you tell are building blocks of a great pitch.

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