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How is Neppalli Different?

We don't take your money unless you succeed. So, we don't succeed unless you do.

Neppalli is not a traditional consulting firm. All interested startups must first apply to us or be referred to us.
After we process your application, we'll work with you provisionally for one month: for free. No money is exchanged, no equity is expected.

If we are both excited about working together after this trial period, we become your advisors.

Download the application here.

The Blog

Practical posts and helpful resources for first-time entrepreneurs, founders, and new citizens of the startup community.
Advisors and mentors are juiciest, most delicious, and lowest hanging fruit that entrepreneurs can reach to help them build strong businesses. These are experts with relevant experience who are committed to your success. Odds are that you are not using your advisors as well as you can. It is up to you to seek out support whenever you need it and to be humble enough to ask for help.
I love a good agenda. When I meet with entrepreneurs who are not prepared with an agenda, I immediately end the meeting so I can attend to other entrepreneurs who are better prepared. It is much much better to cancel a meeting that you are not ready for than it is to have a meeting without a clear goal. Setting a good agenda for your meetings with an advisor communicates the ...

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