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How is Neppalli Different?

We don't take your money unless you succeed. So, we don't succeed unless you do.

Neppalli is not a traditional consulting firm. All interested startups must first apply to us or be referred to us.
After we process your application, we'll work with you provisionally for one month: for free. No money is exchanged, no equity is expected.

If we are both excited about working together after this trial period, we become your advisors.

Download the application here.

About Us

Laser-focused on helping startups and founders be their best, Neppalli is not like any consulting agency or business accelerator.

We do what it takes.

Neppalli was created to fulfill an often unmet need for startups: founders needed consistent support from committed advisors go beyond just writing a check. This team of advisors can immensely help a startup in specific areas like marketing, branding and leadership level. We get excited about startups with high potential and do what it takes to help you succeed.

We don’t take your money.

Not yet anyway. We are a team of proven entrepreneurs, advisors, and experts with our own successful businesses that provide for us, so we are not looking for immediate financial returns — we are looking for high potential startups led by strong teams that give us a chance to make a big impact and hopefully get nice returns in the future. So if you are a startup at any stage, you have a lot to gain by applying and very little to lose. Send us your application today.

We don’t waste time.

We move quickly to identify your needs and get your business the right tools, systems, and resources you need. We understand speed and nimbleness are critical to launching your product right, and to make the most of your runway. Our advisors and consultants are not motivated to increase billable hours, we are motivated to help your team succeed. Without BS.


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